Metaphysical Counseling


Metaphysical counseling is a powerful restorative modality that combines the 3D practical elements of traditional counseling with the higher dimensional intuitive elements of metaphysics. 


Becoming multi-dimensional is the process of becoming more aware of our true nature. This is why I refer to what I do as a restorative modality rather than a healing one. Helping clients learn to relax and let go of the idea of attaining perfection helps them to restore their path to happiness - a pathway that already exists.

I'll reveal a great secret - perfection isn't going to happen in corporeal reality. Life ebbs and flows. Having said that, as we learn to regard our earth experiences with curiosity and the potential they hold, we expand into life's infinite possibilities.

Metaphysical counseling can ease the way.

Science Fiction or Science Fact

Does this sound like science fiction? Well, it is science, but it is not fiction. Higher dimensional existence is real. Your higher-self is alive and well and patiently waiting for you. Are you ready? If so...

Welcome to the magical world of Metaphysics.



 Brief audio from Penny