Welcome to the Fifth Dimension


It Might be Controversial

Controversial, perhaps, and I’m going to say it anyway. Normal is changing. Human nature is changing. The old 3 dimensional ways are no longer effective and will gradually fall into disuse. Things out of integrity are going to fail more often than not.

You have probably already experienced this for yourself.

If our lives are out of sync with 5D, they will not run smoothly. This is true in all walks of life, the rich and famous and the poor and common, the religious and irreligious, and the partisan and nonpartisan. Increasingly, you will find yourself face to face with a 5D process that is consistently and persistently moving towards a consciousness of integrity and love. Nothing less will be tolerated. Nothing less can be tolerated because it is not a vibrational match.

3D Reality

The third dimension exists as a dualistic and hierarchical construct. The brain is essentially binary, either/or thinking. It functions by comparison, opposition, contrast and separation. This creates a fear mentality of judgment, karma, labels, categories, status, and rules.

It is important to recognize that 3D functionality is not wrong. It is necessary as far as it goes, but it is limited. The 3D brain cannot process concepts such as compassion, infinity, God, death and love, which is why so many people struggle with these ideas.

True Potential

The fifth dimension enhances our perception of reality. Here we experience movement through time/space as a spiral helix (think slinky toy). This phenomenon continually repeats itself, perfecting the pursuit of happiness. 5D represents human unity, personal power, and fearlessness. It is a higher perspective, similar to the way standing at the top of a mountain allow us a broader view. 

The fifth dimension brings with it a potential of success and happiness. It is what we want, and yet many struggle to leave the old behind, because of fear, anxiety or uncertainty. 

Are you ready?




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