Building Personal Clarity


This is not your everyday spiritual approach.

The Path to Enlightenment is the Path to One's Self, and JPCK Metaphysical Services has been established to assist you on this exciting adventure. These services are developed by means of advanced metaphysical and spiritual understandings.

To paraphrase a colloquialism, 'there's a new sheriff in town', except we're referring to energy. There is a confluence of energy that is new, enhanced, and available to all of us on earth. It's true and it's real. It influences how we think and how we feel. It expands our views and our understandings. It allows old biases to fall away, better-accommodating peace, harmony, and joy.

Let's start by explaining that the discomfort or frustration we sometimes experience in our lives is the discrepancy between who we are and who we believe ourselves to be. Besides the obvious 3-dimensional carbon based unit we see as a reflection in our mirrors, we are also multidimensional, beautiful and unique energy beings.

JPCK Metaphysical Services seek to help you enhance the connection between your 3D self (who we think we are) and your higher awareness (who we also are). This connection is strengthened by slowing and softening the 3D mind's habitual monologue. Without the clutter and judgment of constant chatter, clarity is more readily discerned. 

  • Your life decisions are simpler. 
  • Your earth journey is more satisfying. 
  • You will gather more joy to your everyday experiences. 

The first step in success is commitment. Make a decision and just watch what happens next.

Exploring your metaphysical or spiritual path offers access to the unlimited resources and infinite potential that are Yours to discover. 

Metaphysical Services

* Metaphysical / Spiritual Life Counselling 

* Guided Meditations - slow and soften the mind's monologue

* Energy Treatments

* Educational Resources




Three Minute Rejuvenation Mediation