Metaphysical Path


This is not your everyday spiritual approach. 

We all have the same access to Divine guidance, however, during periods of intense stress or challenging circumstances heightened emotions may block our ability to clearly connect with that guidance. 

I am a meta-counsellor, which is an area of practice under the umbrella of metaphysician. As such I work with the powerful principles of body, mind, and spirit to support my clients as they create clarity in their lives - as they create the magic that is them.

My consultant's practice is unique.

I am a philosopher and healer, with a passion for both the fundamental study of the nature of reality as well as the more esoteric practice as a healer, advisor, and partner. 

The path of self-creation is the path to our higher, eternal, selves. Yes, it is a metaphysical path. If you are wondering if you are metaphysically-minded, you are. It would not occur to you to ask this question otherwise. 

Consider, for a moment, that the world of metaphysics is changed.

Contemporary metaphysical concepts are based in a philosophy where the area of study and expertise is the nature of reality.  Metaphysics is the branch of thinking that directs its attention towards the first principles of things. 

It deals with such questions as:

  • what is truth
  • what is consciousness
  • what is time
  • what is the nature of reality
  • what is the relationship between, body, mind, and spirit 

We all have access to this unlimited awareness.

Aside from the modern day Western world, there endures an earlier and more esoteric practice of the metaphysician. This is one who works primarily with metaphysical laws and principles. The meta-physician is a type of practitioner, teacher, explorer who influences change in the physical world by employing knowledge of the meta–world. This because we have found that it is possible to induce change in the physical world by using awareness that is based in the non-physical.

Metaphysical Services

* Meta-Counselling: Insight and guidance based in Metaphysical Principles and Philosophies 


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