The Objective at JPCK is primarily informative. The Welcome Page offers a brief description of metaphysics and the possibilities inherent in this philosophy. The Services Page focuses on personal and collective happiness. Our belief is that when You are happy there is an efficacious ripple effect. 

Welcome Secular and Seeker

We are all explorers and pioneers. Metaphysics fascinates those who are drawn to the vastness of this multidimensional universe while traveling inward to the metaphysical mysteries we all innately hold. We understand this as fertile ground burgeoning with infinite possibilities. 

The World of Metaphysics is Changed

Contemporary metaphysical concepts are no longer based purely on a mind, body, and spirit philosophy. Metaphysics today is the combined reasoning of science and spirit, including quantum mechanics, higher dimensional awareness, and ancient wisdom. 

Metaphysics deals with such questions as:

  • who are we
  • why are we here
  • what is our potential
  • what is consciousness
  • what is the nature of reality
  • what is the body, mind, and spirit relationship 
  • what is universal energy

Harnessing the Power of Metaphysics

Humanities Next Phase is the Emerging Mind. This is the source of our abundance, clarity, and creative potential. This new mind gives us the capacity to change our physicality, our mentality, and our spirituality. It is more than neuroscience. It is the power behind to who we are. 




 Brief audio from Penny