I am often asked, what are metaphysical services? What is it that I do?

Although metaphysical concepts are ancient in their origin, contemporary metaphysics has evolved, and the question is well asked.

To begin, Metaphysics literally means beyond physics. However, metaphysical concepts are no longer based purely on a mind, body, and spirit philosophy. Contemporary metaphysical professionals incorporate the combined reasoning of science and spirit, including quantum mechanics, higher dimensional awareness, and ancient wisdom. Using metaphysics to address life's situations allows the metaphysician to utilize a broad spectrum of tools and materials.

The metaphysician is a type of practitioner, teacher, and explorer who influences change in the physical world by employing knowledge of the meta–world. 

Harnessing the Power of Metaphysics

Humanities next phase is emerging. It is the direction in which we are all headed - consciously (more directly) or unconsciously (more indirectly). This is the source of our abundance, clarity, and creative potential. This expanded perception gives us the capacity to change our physicality, our mentality, and our spirituality. It is more than neuroscience. It is the power behind who we are. 




 Brief audio from Penny