Welcome Cosmic Seekers


A Cosmic Seeker is an explorer and a pioneer. We are those drawn to the vastness of this multidimensional universe, while travelling inward to the metaphysical mysteries we innately hold. For us this is fertile ground burgeoning with infinite possibilities.

The World of Metaphysics is Changed

Contemporary metaphysical concepts are no longer based purely in a mind, body, and spirit philosophy. Metaphysics today is the combined reasoning of science and spirit, including quantum mechanics, higher dimensional awareness, and ancient wisdoms. 

Metaphysics deals with such questions as:

  • who are we
  • why are we here
  • what is our potential
  • what is consciousness
  • what is the nature of reality
  • what is the body, mind, and spirit relationship 
  • what is universal energy

My work is unique. I am a metaphysicist. This is a type of practitioner, teacher, and explorer who influences change in the physical world by employing knowledge of the meta–world. I bring to my avocation experience, passion and knowledge. As a professional, I utilize compelling and persuasive expertise in support of my clients as they create clarity in their lives - as they create the magic that is them.

Humanities Next Phase ~ The Emerging Mind

Our Earth journey is broad, unlimited, and exciting, and our next phase of this journey is that of the emerging mind. If you are wondering if this means you, it does. No one is excluded, although not everyone is currently interested. If you are asking the question, then you are ready. 

Leading Edge Metaphysical Services

We all have the innate ability to tap into higher awareness. However, we are all at different places in our journey. Most of us have been taught that the only effective way is the hard way, and so we believe it. Because we believe it that is the reality we create. Know this though, there is a much easier option. If you would like to hear more, we are at your service.  

Easier Way

There is an easier way, and the difference is mind-blowing. 

You decide...




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