Metaphysical Path to Happiness


This is not your everyday spiritual approach.

As a metaphysician I work with the principles of the mind, body, and spirit to help my clients create powerful and lasting changes in their lives. My consultant's practice is unique. I am a philosopher and healer, with a passion for both the fundamental study of the nature of reality as well as the more esoteric practice as a healer and advisor. 

Many live their lives in a state of constant worry, fear, confusion, or loneliness. They’ve come to believe that this is just the way life is, and there is nothing to be done about it. However, that is truly not the case. Our lives are meant to be happy, and we are not helpless in this pursuit.

The path to happiness is the path to our higher, eternal, selves. Yes, it is a spiritual/metaphysical path. Consider though that the world of metaphysics is changed. Contemporary concepts are based in philosophy where the area of study and expertise is the nature of reality.  Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that directs its attention towards the first principles of things - being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. It deals with such questions as, what is truth, what is knowledge, what is the nature of the interaction between mind, body, and spirit?

Apart from the modern day Western world, there exists an earlier and more esoteric practice of the meta-physician. This is a type of doctor/healer who influences change in the physical world by employing knowledge of the Meta –world. In other words, the metaphysician works primarily with metaphysical laws and principles. The reason for this is because we have found that the metaphysician can induce change in the physical world by engaging understanding that is based in the non-physical.

The first step in evoking change is commitment. Make a decision and just watch what happens next. Exploring your metaphysical or spiritual path offers access to the unlimited resources and infinite potential that are Yours to discover. 

Metaphysical Services

* Metaphysical / Spiritual Counselling 

* Guided Meditations

* Energy Treatments

* Educational Resources