Welcome to New Earth


New Earth energies are dynamic and they offer greater insights for all of us. This new earth continues to encourage the movement from fear to love and joy. Each of us must discover this joy for ourselves. As I connect with these energies, I recognize that this is my power.

My joy is not another’s joy and so I cannot teach anyone to find their joy. To think I can, will suggest that I have more power than others. This is not true. Nor is it a loving attitude, but rather a 3D power play.

This is the difference between other belief systems and spirituality. In pure spirituality, there is no hierarchy. None are higher than another. All are One.  All have Divinity within.


Becoming multi-dimensional is the process of becoming more aware of our true nature. I'll reveal a great secret - perfection isn't going to happen in corporeal reality. Life ebbs and flows. Having said that, as we learn to regard our earth experiences with curiosity and the potential they hold, we expand into life's infinite possibilities.

When I keep in mind that this incarnation is only a tiny aspect of who I am, that I can choose to have as many incarnations as I wish, that within each incarnation I create my reality with my thoughts and beliefs and so, therefore, I have the power to change this reality, then I easily recognize that there is no cause for worry.

Welcome to the magic of this New Earth.



 Brief audio from Penny